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Entering the 21st century, Japan is on the verge of becoming an unprecedented longevity powerhouse, with a quarter of the elderly.
With lifespans said to be further extended to 120 years thanks to remarkable advances in medical chemistry that continue on a daily basis, considering long-term care is no one else's business. In the past, it was natural for children to take care of their parents, but due to the nuclear family and the entry of women into society, this has become difficult. Parents can maintain their respect as parents and children can have enough space to take care of their parents. We developed this "
Dialet" to be a company that can help. The elderly can use it with confidence without worrying about hygiene. Also, paramedics can handle it safely. We would like to welcome a long-term care society where people can smile at each other even as the world progresses. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in order to commercialize and promote the automatic waste disposal device "Dialet" in the society.
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