Development started by a group of major automobile companies.
And the process up to the presen

Development that started from a large company and withdrawal of a large company In total,
we have spent 30 years working on the product development of automatic excretion processing
equipment with large companies and universities.

The development of this product (automated excretion processing device) began in 1985 with
the participation of Hitachi, Daido Seiki, and Yamaden Iizuka Electric, centered on Niles Parts Industry,
a subsidiary of the Nissan Motor Group, a major automobile manufacturer. rice field.

The predecessor is the product "Fitlet," which was developed with a development cost
of over 3 billion yen.

After that, the parent company at that time, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (owning about 61% of the shares)
revived the business (the president at that time was Carlos Ghosn), and in 1999 sold all the shares
of Niles Parts Co., Ltd. to Ripplewood Holdings.

Niles Parts has discontinued the development of this product in order to concentrate on the automobile

Sanyo Electric was also developing an automatic excretion treatment device, but Matsushita
Electric made a public offering of the company shares of Sanyo Electric and made it a subsidiary,
and then withdrew from the development business of the automatic excretion treatment device.

After that, Seiji Kawasaki (utility model, patent owner, graduate of the University of Tokyo),
a developer of the Niles parts industry, and Vimax signed an agreement on manufacturing
and development, and development will be continued.

We conducted 200 monitors (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.) over a two-year period. As a product,
there were many improvements and it was difficult to commercialize it immediately,
but the response was great, and many people wanted to purchase it with the specifications at that time,
and sold about 40 units.

In late September 2005, "Yuimaru" was exhibited as an improved prototype at the "International Nursing Care
Equipment Exhibition", and there was a great response from universities, medical institutions, and nursing care
facilities, including the University of Tokyo.

After that, as a further improved version of the prototype, a highly complete "Dialet" was produced.

Continuation of development
We inherited the product development from these two systems
development business, and obtained a patent by ourselves while
forming a technical tie-up with the University of Tokyo, Zhejiang
University (Hangzhou, China), etc., and obtained a major patent for
automatic excretion processing equipment from Sanyo Electric. Did.

As a result, we have completed an automatic excretion processing
device that does not require disposable diapers.

March 2013 Long-term care insurance certification
The development of this product is the result of many engineers' wisdom
and efforts over the years, as well as testing and improvement.

In addition, product development required enormous development costs
(about 3 billion yen or more for large companies).

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