Manufactured and Distributed by Life Corp
The central part of the diaper is made of waterproof and antibacterial polyurethane adopted by NASA for astronauts.

It is also characterized by its soft material and a good fit, but with little discomfort.

Since the product is covered by the long-term care insurance, 90% of the purchase cost is paid by the long-term care insurance, and the out-of-pocket cost is 10%.

* Amounts up to 100,000 yen per year are covered by long-term care insurance.

Hygiene unit is a set of cups, shorts (belts), hoses, hose covers, and waste tanks.

The hygiene unit of the automatic excretion processing device Diaret is a product covered by long-term care insurance purchase assistance, and can be purchased at 10% of the cost.

The main body of the diary is a product subject to long-term care insurance rental, but the hygiene unit that is an accessory is a product subject to purchase, so the handling under long-term care insurance is different.

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